Growing as a Disciple

Connect Grow Serve Go is a simple strategy for creating groups for adults that move them toward balanced spiritual growth. This strategy also serves as the framework from which LifeWay develops resources for adults.

CONNECT urges you to worship, pray, fellowship, and relate to others in positive relationships at work, in the home, and in other settings. Spiritual fitness results when you connect with God, with others, and with your church family.

GROW refers to learning and understanding more about God and His expectations of His people, which comes through Bible study. You grow by applying that knowledge to your everyday living.

SERVE describes the work you do inside your church. Your church is full of ministry and service opportunities. You serve by using your spiritual gifts, skills, and passions to glorify God. All of us must work together for the church to function as God intended.

GO moves you outside the church and into the community and the world. Evangelism and missions are ways to go into your community and the world in the name of Jesus Christ. It might be uncomfortable at first, but you will experience first-hand the difference Christ can make through you.